Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive

Stonework at the Wolf Park between Gap and Coatesville, Pennsylvania [Photograph]


This photograph depicts the stonework and entrance to Dr. McCleery's wolf park between Gap and Coatesville, Pennsylvania. A stone archway, ticket booth, and turnstile are visible, as well as fencing, a barrel, and what looks like a ladder. The park looks fairly new and well-kept in this photograph, so I am guessing it was taken around May 1930 when the wolf park opened.

The description on the back of the photograph is transcribed below. "Bob's Father" refers to Karl Swanseen ("Bob" is Robert Swanseen) and "Rick" refers to Eric Swanseen.


This item was generously contributed by Karl and David Swanseen.



Probably 1930


Bob's Father and Rick put this stone work up on Rt. 30 over where Rick lived for the Lobo Wolves when they moved them down there from Kane Pa area.