Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive

Memory by Terry Taylor


A memory submitted by Terry Taylor about a family visit to see the lobo wolves in the 1950s.



December 19, 2014



I recall seeing the wolves as a child, most likely it was the mid to late 1950's (as I was born in 1951). We lived in Emlenton, PA at the time and my Dad drove us (my Mom, Grandma, sister & I) up to see them outside of Kane along Route 6. I remember them being behind a fence and that 3 of them came up very close to us. I don't remember there being any other attractions involved with this; just that my Dad parked along side the road and we walked a little ways to see them. I can remember thinking that the real wolves were MUCH scarier looking than I had imagined! In 1980, when my family and I moved to Smethport, I remembered the wolves when I saw the fence outside of Kane. Was sad they weren't still there so I could show them to MY children.