Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive

Stone Arch at the Entrance to Dr. McCleery's Lobo Wolf Park along Route 6 Five Miles East of Kane, PA [Postcard]


This photograph depicts the entrance to Dr. McCleery's lobo wolf park, located along Route 6 five miles east of Kane, PA. A stone archway (from which a lamp is hanging), ticket booth, turnstile, and four large, flat rocks are visible. What looks like a gate is visible near the window of the ticket booth. This is an AZO undivided postcard. The back of the card reads, "Copyrighted by THE NICOLAS STUDIO, KANE, PA."

This photograph was taken between 1929 (when Dr. McCleery moved the wolf park to the Route 6 location) and 1949 (when A. A. Nicolas passed away).


This item is from the personal collection of Kirsten Canfield.



Between 1929 and 1949