Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive

Memory by Donna Close Murray


A memory submitted by Donna Close Murray regarding her visit to the wolf park in the 1950s and her writing of a screenplay called "The Doctor's Wolves."


March 22, 2014



Doctor McCleery's wolves have been my passion since visiting the Rt. 6 wolf park as an eight year old child in the '50's. I caught eyes with a female wolf that transfixed me for life! The Doctor was not present, to my knowledge, but my grandmother, who accompanied me that day, reminded me, "These are the only lobo wolves in the world!" -thus raising the question, "How did they get here?" I knew I would write about these wolves that held me spellbound over so many years.

The Doctor's Wolves screenplay evolved after extensive research and dedicated, challenging writing that I might enlighten and inspire others to save our wolves by showing what one committed man accomplished in this incredible endeavor.

Donna Close Murray
Mottsie, Wolf of Great Price, children's chapter book.