Dr. McCleery Lobo Wolves Digital Archive



One of Dr. McCleery's original wolves.



Type of Wolf

Referred to as both a White Arctic1(p.14,34) and a Northern Lobo1(p.14)

Geographic Origin

Highwood Mountains, Montana1(p.2)


May 19211(p.5)

Obtained Through

Captured by Wolfer Griffith1(p.2) and obtained through Dr. Fisher of Washington DC,1(p.5) R. E. Bateman of Montana,1(p.5) and Mr. Stacey Eckert in the employ of the United States Government Forestry Department.1(p.2)

Age When Obtained


Birth Date

Early 1921

Biographical Text

Diana was a daughter of the famous outlaw wolves Old Snowdrift and Lady Snowdrift. She and her littermates - Montana, Boreas, and Lobo - were the survivors of the Snowdrifts' first litter discovered by wolfers; the rest of the litter crawled into the crevices of the den and died. Diana's other sibling, Silvermoon, was obtained from the second Snowdrift litter discovered by wolfers.1(p.2)

Diana and her siblings were mostly tamed by the Wolfer Griffith before they were sent to Dr. McCleery.1(p.6)

Diana was happily mated to Jerry until his death.1(p.6)

She was also mated to her brother Boreas (presumably after Jerry's death), and one of their male pups was given to Dr. McCleery's sternographer, presumably Myrtle Jarensky.1(29) One of Diana's daughters (unsure of the father) was later mated to Boreas.1(p.13)

Diana caught and ate several low-flying birds.13

She Loved to jump onto Dr. McCleery's shoulders and look around and lick his nose.13

In March 1927 she destroyed another White Arctic female.1(14,34)