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Life With Wolf Pack Has Good - Bad Days [Article in Kane Republican: Special Edition]


This article showcases photos of Dr. E. H. McCleery and his wolves. Dr. McCleery expresses his feeling of accomplishment in saving the lobo wolves from extinction, as the government has saved the bison, and credits the wolves for all the honors he has received over the years. He is happy to have found Mr. and Mrs. Lynch to continue his work.

A section titled "The First Wolves" contains two photos; one depicts five wolves from when the pack was located on Park Avenue in Kane, and the other depicts Dr. McCleery and a wolf with its paws on his shoulders (the caption indicates that the wolf may have been Jerry - Dr. McCleery's first wolf - who was tame enough to walk around town).

Another photo is titled "Don't Fence me In..." and depicts Dr. McCleery entering an enclosure containing several wolves who are fighting through the fence with another wolf. The caption states that Dr. McCleery stayed in the enclosure until the wolves calmed down. Events such as these were rare but often resulted in bloody and deadly fights when they occurred. Another photo is titled "'Jonesy' With Wolves 25 Years" and depicts Earl C. Jones - assistant at Dr. McCleery's Wolf Park since 1937 - as he approaches two wolves with a pail of food. The caption explains that the wolves generally dislike Jones because he is the one who removes wolf pups from their dens, and have attacked him many times.

The article also includes a photo of Dr. McCleery being licked by a wolf who reportedly rescued him several times from other wolves, a photo of Dr. McCleery in bed at the Kane Summit Hospital after being attacked by a wolf, and a photo of Dr. McCleery with one of his mountain lions.

An excerpt from the article is quoted below.


February 20, 1962

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Supplement: Special "Dr. McCleery-Wolves" Edition, Page 4


This supplemental special edition is not available on microfilm. A copy is currently owned by the Kane Depot and is available for viewing there.

Partial Text

On this page are some of the pictorial highlights in the life of Dr. McCleery with his wolf pack.

There were good days - and bad days.

But, as Dr. McCleery says, "it has been a tremendous experience. I feel that I have accomplished my aim in saving these magnificent creatures from extinction and I am very happy to find a young couple like Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch who have the interest and capacity to carry on."

Dr. McCleery is residing but a "stone's throw" from the wolf park - alert, keen of memory and contentment evident in a smile as the lobos sound off in their full cry.